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Hi Daniel,

I think my critique was too subtle. I agree with you. Perhaps Rosa
will participate and report back.


On 11/3/14, Daniel Mezick via OSList <oslist at lists.openspacetech.org> wrote:
> However- notice how the event is designed. Industrial-age design,
> though-leader-with-followers model. Where's the exchange?
> On 11/3/14 4:45 PM, Jeff Aitken via OSList wrote:
>> I see that the author Gary Hamel co-founded the Management Innovation
>> eXchange who are putting on this event in New York.
>>  http://mixmashup.org/
>> Two days of talks by experts (a new talk every half hour? Ted style?)
>> and a day in "lab" sessions. Some cool presenters, sure.
>> Jeff
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>> I think the idea of a change platform is an excellent one.
>> I have been putting together my own approach to this kind of work
>> recently.  i've been thinking of it as a kind of operating system with
>> different layers. It's about examining how I work with pretty much
>> anyone - the kind of theoretical basis for my work, my own strengths
>> and preferences and assumptions.  On top of that are ways of seeing
>> the world that I apply pretty consistently and on top of that, "apps"
>> if you will that help work get done coherently.
>> It has been a rewarding exercise to do this, and I can't recommend it
>> highly enough to others in this field.  At the very least it helps
>> make it clear to others what you do and why and it has the added
>> benefit of allowing you to see your own assumptions about the way the
>> world works.
>> Having said that, yeah, this article seems very 1985.  I'm pretty sure
>> that even in the hallowed belly of McKinsey, this thinking is pretty
>> dated.  Being the self-appointed guardians of what is the gold
>> standard of management consulting, it kind of bugs me when they
>> publish stuff the rest of the world has known for years as if it's the
>> latest trend.  Having said that, it's always nice to pull out their
>> stuff when confronted with a particularly traditional organization
>> that is stuck in its thinking about change and complexity and strategy.
>> Chris
>>> On Nov 3, 2014, at 7:07 AM, Rosa Zubizarreta via OSList
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>>> <mailto:oslist at lists.openspacetech.org>> wrote:
>>> http://www.mckinsey.com/insights/organization/build_a_change_platform_not_a_change_program
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