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I went back to read Harold's post and resonate with that too. So i might say: A space to talk about open space and other things that we find relevant to our practice and understanding of open space.


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Someone likely has a better memory than I, but there was an online community of OS people prior to the OSLIST. It may have been hosted on the old Metanet site for some or all of that time.

The OSLIST was as I recall created when the old system no longer worked. As an email listserv rather than a threaded conversation hosted on a website. More accessible to anyone with an email address!

I don't recall a formal conversation about the purpose of the list during that transition, so I continue to assume it's as it was from the beginning, a space to talk about open space.

Warmth to you from the San Geronimo valley north of San Francisco.


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As I have been told, the Os-list was prompted by Peggy Holman http://peggyholman.com/ and set up in 1996 by Murli Nagasundaram as a discussion list for the conscious self-organizing system and the Open Space Institute.

Original there where two themes for the list-server

"How do I keep this going?"


"How do I bring this into my organization?"

There is also some connection to organizational learning; creating communities for learning and action; inspired, high performing learning organization; leadership and management; to stay aware of what has heart and meaning; changing the world; it also has connection to Anne Stadler Spirited Work.

Here is Anne Stadler Open space Primer ... http://www.donellameadows.org/wp-content/userfiles/Open-Space-Primer.pdf

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G’day Dan and All


In your response of 21 Oct 2014 to my post Re: [OSList] Respect in Self-Organizing Systems you muse:


“I often wonder what the primary task of the OSLIST group is.”


Having been a group member for about 20 years and having attended five WOSonOS

I have a ‘take’ on this matter.


This derives in part from a statement of Pablo Picasso that:


“Our meaning in life is identifying our gift,

Our purpose in life is giving it away.”


I tend to paraphrase this as ‘… our gifts … is giving them away.’


One of the gifts I note in relation to ‘the primary task of the OSLIST group’ is that of knowing of the principles and practices of OST by the group members and our giving them away,  professionally and personally. 

In my case the 'beginning' gift arrived, in 1994, totally unexpectedly, in the post in the form of Harrison's original book, about which knew nothing. I had occasion to experiment with the process, as a speaker scheduled to present a few days later had withdrawn. Which I did, after reading the book swiftly - and on observing the response was forever hooked! 


As my ‘take’ is quite long and somewhat personal I would not wish to foist it on the LIST. And so I invite anyone who may be interested in this to contact me. Whoever does ... <smile> 


Incidentally, yesterday I facilitated a one day conversation for the Australian Churches Refugee Taskforce. This has been established by a group of the biggest church denominations in Australia to care for the wellbeing of asylum seekers and refugees. This event was held in Adelaide at their second annual get together and was to converse about their priorities in the coming year. Several participants had previous experience of the value of OST for such a purpose, which is why it was chosen. The concluding consensus – in my understanding - was through it this time they had accomplished what they wished.


Looking forward


Go well



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