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Thanks Jasmina, great news and count on my support if you need any help in
Italy. Be sure I will spread the word in the italian OS community

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2014-05-13 13:41 GMT+02:00 Jasmina Nikolic <jasminanikolic at gmail.com>:

> Dear World Open Space friends,
> First of all let me apologize for being late in communicating with you on
> our forthcoming World Open Space on Open Space in Serbia. Let me assure
> however you that everything is fine and we are ready to warmly welcome you
> to the University of Belgrade on 18-21 September 2014.
> Let me explain why I am late.  Something happened that I did not expect
> when I offered to host WOSonOS 2014.  Earlier this year, I made a major
> life decision, which was to get involved in politics taking a very lead
> role with others to establish a new political party. The election took
> place in March, and it consumed a lot of my time. It still does.
> I must say that if Open Space had not been part of my life,  I would not
> have had the courage to get involved like this. I realized how much my
> country means to me and I felt we needed people to become more involved. We
> needed to open space, to invite more democracy and transparency in the
> decision-making.
> As a new party, we did not expect to win against the established party
> that was leading the country.  It was a massive job and I am very proud
> that in 10 days of very hard work we got from 5 to 8% of the vote in the
> big cities, and became the most promising opposition party.  Yes as we all
> know, Open Space can have a life changing effect.
> WOSonOS2014
> Now let me get to the main message of this email! Just about everything is
> ready with all the details you need to know. There is only one problem that
> was holding us back to publish our website and that was to establish the
> payment procedures with the bank. This can be complicated. As I continue to
> work with the banks, I decided to publish the website within the next week
> and as a last resort, participants can always pay us when they arrive
> (meals, materials costs, etc.). I assure you that we are doing everything
> we can to keep the costs as low as possible.  The University of Belgrade
> where I teach has generously offered their facilities to us at no cost.
> They are very excited to be hosting this event following in the footsteps
> of Florida who partnered with the University of South Florida, St.
> Petersburg last year.
> In terms of basic information:
> Dates:   WOSonOS will start on Thursday September 18th at 6.30 pm
> (registration and welcome) and will end on Sunday September 21st at 4.30 pm.
> Venue: University of Belgrade, Studentski trg 1, 11000 Belgrade, Serbia,
> in  the very city center.
> Hotels:  We have contacted local hotels for preferred rates which will
> provide you with many options and choices at affordable costs. You can also
> choose your own as Belgrade has many lovely hotels and rooms for tourists
> and visitors, all within walking distance or a short bus ride to the
> University.
> .
> Team:  We are a team of 10 people with many others who are excited to
> support us though as you all know, Open Space is quite simple and we want
> to keep this spirit of simplicity and welcome. We are very fortunate that
> in the last few years, many here  have experienced Open Space.  We have
> been in touch with other people in the Balkans and they too are looking
> forward to being part of this..
> Visas, Transportation:  The airport “Nikola Tesla” (website:
> ttp://www.beg.aero/welcome.54.html <http://www.beg.aero/welcome.54.html>)
> s a short distance away. Don’t forget to check AirSerbia flights
> http://www.airserbia.com/. There is public transportation and cabs from
> the airport.
> Regarding the visas, here is the link:
> http://www.mfa.gov.rs/en/consular-affairs/entry-serbia/visa-requirements
> In case you need a visa, let me know, and we will send you an invitation
> letter you need in order to submit your application.
> Access Queen:  I will be in touch with Lisa Heft to to see how we can
> assist in supporting anyone travelling to Serbia as is traditionally done
> and much appreciated at WOSonOS events.
> Website:  Coming very soon with all the basic information you need!
> If you have any immediate questions until we launch our website in the
> next week, please contact me directly and I promise we will get back to you
> quickly.
> Again my apologies for this delay and please know that we are welcoming
> you with Open Arms in Open Space to Serbia.  You will love the people and
> our country!
> Thank you also to everyone who has offered to help.  We will let you know
> in the weeks and months to come if there is anything specific we need.
> With love,
> Jasmina
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