[OSList] Closing circle 700 people

John Watkins johnw536 at mac.com
Fri May 9 08:34:39 PDT 2014

How about a small-ish fishbowl open seating inner circle with microphones, and concentric circles outside that for everyone else.  Anyone wishing to share concluding thoughts comes and sits in an open seat in the inner circle, shares, and then takes part in the conversation or leaves to open their seat to someone else.  Others in the outer circles may ask questions or reflect on what they are hearing from the fishbowl inner circle using a roving microphone, or they may come take a seat in the inner circle to participate in that conversation.


On May 9, 2014, at 8:26 AM, Thomas Herrmann wrote:

> We'll have about 30-40 mts for our closing circle in a weeks time. I have yet not decided finally on the procedures for this. Any experiences and/or ideas you want to share would be appreciated.
> Best regards
> Thomas Herrmann
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