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Jasmina Nikolic jasminanikolic at gmail.com
Tue May 13 04:41:23 PDT 2014

Dear World Open Space friends,

First of all let me apologize for being late in communicating with you on
our forthcoming World Open Space on Open Space in Serbia. Let me assure
however you that everything is fine and we are ready to warmly welcome you
to the University of Belgrade on 18-21 September 2014.

Let me explain why I am late.  Something happened that I did not expect
when I offered to host WOSonOS 2014.  Earlier this year, I made a major
life decision, which was to get involved in politics taking a very lead
role with others to establish a new political party. The election took
place in March, and it consumed a lot of my time. It still does.

I must say that if Open Space had not been part of my life,  I would not
have had the courage to get involved like this. I realized how much my
country means to me and I felt we needed people to become more involved. We
needed to open space, to invite more democracy and transparency in the

As a new party, we did not expect to win against the established party that
was leading the country.  It was a massive job and I am very proud that in
10 days of very hard work we got from 5 to 8% of the vote in the big
cities, and became the most promising opposition party.  Yes as we all
know, Open Space can have a life changing effect.


Now let me get to the main message of this email! Just about everything is
ready with all the details you need to know. There is only one problem that
was holding us back to publish our website and that was to establish the
payment procedures with the bank. This can be complicated. As I continue to
work with the banks, I decided to publish the website within the next week
and as a last resort, participants can always pay us when they arrive
(meals, materials costs, etc.). I assure you that we are doing everything
we can to keep the costs as low as possible.  The University of Belgrade
where I teach has generously offered their facilities to us at no cost.
They are very excited to be hosting this event following in the footsteps
of Florida who partnered with the University of South Florida, St.
Petersburg last year.

In terms of basic information:

Dates:   WOSonOS will start on Thursday September 18th at 6.30 pm
(registration and welcome) and will end on Sunday September 21st at 4.30 pm.

Venue: University of Belgrade, Studentski trg 1, 11000 Belgrade, Serbia, in
 the very city center.

Hotels:  We have contacted local hotels for preferred rates which will
provide you with many options and choices at affordable costs. You can also
choose your own as Belgrade has many lovely hotels and rooms for tourists
and visitors, all within walking distance or a short bus ride to the


Team:  We are a team of 10 people with many others who are excited to
support us though as you all know, Open Space is quite simple and we want
to keep this spirit of simplicity and welcome. We are very fortunate that
in the last few years, many here  have experienced Open Space.  We have
been in touch with other people in the Balkans and they too are looking
forward to being part of this..

Visas, Transportation:  The airport “Nikola Tesla” (website:
ttp://www.beg.aero/welcome.54.html <http://www.beg.aero/welcome.54.html>) s
a short distance away. Don’t forget to check AirSerbia flights
http://www.airserbia.com/. There is public transportation and cabs from the

Regarding the visas, here is the link:

In case you need a visa, let me know, and we will send you an invitation
letter you need in order to submit your application.

Access Queen:  I will be in touch with Lisa Heft to to see how we can
assist in supporting anyone travelling to Serbia as is traditionally done
and much appreciated at WOSonOS events.

Website:  Coming very soon with all the basic information you need!

If you have any immediate questions until we launch our website in the next
week, please contact me directly and I promise we will get back to you

Again my apologies for this delay and please know that we are welcoming you
with Open Arms in Open Space to Serbia.  You will love the people and our

Thank you also to everyone who has offered to help.  We will let you know
in the weeks and months to come if there is anything specific we need.

With love,

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