[OSList] And Now in Taiwan.....

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Hi Gail,

Thousands of citizens joining in an Open Space forum spontaneously really shows the strength of the democratic values on which OS is based. It's simplicity and closeness to real life creates access like no other. Thank you for sharing with us. Your voice gives this news a more human touch.
My heart is with you,

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It's been quite a week.  Last night's Open space forum (hopefully the first of many) on day 9 of the take-over of the Legislature chambers initiated by university students, was joined by thousands of other citizens outside the building.  The following is from one of the many facebook comments:

The issue focus: "lack of representative democracy crisis" ~ After the crackdown (by police) yesterday, people are still sieging the Taiwan legislature, protesting against the passing of a trade deal with China (which was not allowed due deliberance, by the ruling political party). Professors are giving lectures in the streets, citizens are hosting and participating in "open space" mini forums on various issues (with discussion notes on large posters), and students are printing slogans on protestors' headbands. 

What you see is deliberative democratic process conducted by them. Would like to see a variety of off-farm participation conducted discussions. Discuss and exchange established habits, increased tolerance and ability to listen to each other.

Lots of pictures and articles in English just a google away.

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