[OSList] Looling for a good theme

Eiwor Backelund eiwor at gatewayc.com
Wed Mar 26 01:52:36 PDT 2014

"Issues and opportunities to create the miracle we are looking for". 
Just occurred in my mind that they need a miracle and that is what people do
when they work in Open Space.
Good luck!

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Ämne: [OSList] Looling for a good theme

Hello wise people.

I`m doing an OS on a shipyard soon. We just had the pre-work, but we did not
manage to come up with a catchy and triggy theme....

The situation is that they really are trapped in a corner with a 2 month
delay even before they have started the project. They are up against time
and budget, and really need a breakthrough to make this work, and some real
learning to gain for the future...

Any suggestions

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