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Lise Damkjær lise at learning4life.dk
Mon Mar 24 04:29:56 PDT 2014

Hi Dan and all of you!

I so much agree Dan - to my experience it opens up to have a question. 
iI "Fixing Arizona" I think the "How are we going to do?" or "What would 
it take to...?" is underlying questions.

I am thinking and experimenting a lot with "challenges" - how to create 
a powerful challenge. For Open Space and for my projectspace game 
(projectspacegame.org). The words from User's guide are very useful for 
that and I would like to add: The challenge/question opens even more, if 
the challenge is made more ambitious - in the direction you want to go - 
so ambitious that it seems unrealistic to achieve it. My experience is 
that we lift off the pressure and anxiety of failure - and creates lots 
of openness, learning, creativity...

Greetings and hug's
Lise, Copenhagen

Lise Damkjær
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Den 24-03-2014 12:05, Daniel Mezick skrev:
> Is the OST theme always defined as a question? Is it ever offered as a 
> statement? I'm not sure.
> I'm not sure because in the USERS GUIDE TO OPEN SPACE book from 
> Harrison, the story about the theme "Fixing Arizona" is not a 
> question. So, I'm guessing a non-question is OK. For the record, I 
> prefer a question. And I tell clients to frame it as a question, on 
> the hypothesis that questions tend open space and statements tend to 
> close space...
> THE BRIEF USERS GUIDE (http://www.openspaceworld.com/users_guide.htm) 
> is silent on the issue:
> /<BEGIN>
> THE THEME/ -- Creation of a powerful theme statement is critical, for 
> it will be the central mechanism for focusing discussion and inspiring 
> participation. The theme statement, however, cannot be a lengthy, dry, 
> recitation of goals and objectives. It must have the capacity to 
> inspire participation by being specific enough to indicate the 
> direction, while possessing sufficient openness to allow for the 
> imagination of the group to take over.
> There is no pat formulation for doing this, for what inspires one 
> group will totally turn off another. One way of thinking about the 
> theme statement is as the opening paragraph of a truly exciting story. 
> The reader should have enough detail to know where the tale is headed 
> and what some of the possible adventures are likely to be. But 
> "telling all" in the beginning will make it quite unlikely that the 
> reader will proceed. After all, who would read a story they already know?
> <END>
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