[OSList] Software for text message voting?

Michael M Pannwitz mmpannwitz at gmail.com
Thu Mar 6 12:39:19 PST 2014

Wait a minute, Thomas, I confuse myself with your note.
I dropped voting (or "weighing", just a euphemism for voting) a LONG 
time ago as it turned out that it does take all the passion and energy 
out of the work. Also, it was a lot of statistical trouble and the most 
voted issues never got touched by anyone.
So, we did what I would now call the obvious, go straight from the 
divergent mode into action space, right, sit in a circle and invite 
"projects" (which, of course, were in many ways interconnected with the 
discussions before). People then gathered at the posted "projects" and 
started to plan next steps.
Reading more of your mail I was startled that the results of the voting 
would then be clustered by a small group. More hard work.
And then all that stuff is  presented to politicians... why were they 
not among the 1000? And what is happening to the 1000? Are they leaving 
after their "input" was presented to the politicians?
Or, how about skipping the voting, have more time for reading and open 
the action space next day with the politicians there to get "them" to 
input into the projects and get busy planning next steps around projects 
they have a passion for?


On 06.03.2014 15:35, Thomas Herrmann wrote:
> Anyone who used voting via text message(people using their phones)?
> Do you know any good software? In May I will facilitating a large one
> day OST I shared a bit about earlier. My sponsor counts on 1000
> participants. The voting will be on the topics that came up on the
> agenda as we cannot give time to read all reports…
> Using such a software, the results will be visible directly. In the
> evening the topics will be clustered by a smaller group. This may
> change the visible results.
> The results will be used the next day when politicians on the
> national level will have them as input to what is important regarding
> creating a viable/lusty country side in Sweden.
> Any other ideas about voting with such a large group? Cheers Thomas
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