[OSList] Open Space and Holacracy

Rob van der Eyden robvandereyden at veranderarchitect.nl
Tue Mar 4 00:53:39 PST 2014

Hello Kári, 

Interesting question. How do you see the link between Open space and

Kind regards, Rob van der Eyden

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[mailto:oslist-bounces at lists.openspacetech.org] Namens Kári Gunnarsson
Verzonden: maandag 3 maart 2014 21:52
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Onderwerp: [OSList] Open Space and Holacracy

There have been much talk about the relationship of the organizational chart
and how Open Space operates. Recent compareson to me has been to link the
new self-organizing authority and decision-making system called Holacracy
see: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Holacracy

I wonder if there are stories on the use of Open space to transform more
traditional system to one of Open Space based Holacracy?  I would be happy
to learn some of your experiences in this regard.

Kári Gunnarsson
kari.gunnarsson at simnet.is
gsm: +354 8645189

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