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Skye Hirst skyeh at autognomics.org
Mon Mar 31 13:44:24 PDT 2014

OS is an intrinsic experience comprised of infinite of infinite relational
"fields,"  let's say, using the words as  kind of metaphor-like pointers.

Remember that old TV commercial - for this and that is MC but for the
intrinsic experience - it's priceless,  I'll say intrinsic experience is
wordless.  We feel it, we know it by how it feels.  OS "feels good" in some
deeply complex and wholistic way.

Then using act, process ideas,  watch what happens when we "feel good?"
What acts and artifacts get formed/emerge out of "fields of feeling good?"
  Why does OS feel so good in so many different ways?  Perhaps such a
direction of inquiry might help us find common threads and some language to
use as pointers. Some obvious pointer words are  "Opening" and "Spacing" "
circling."  These are forms, energetic patterns - forms everyone alive has
in their DNA awareness.   Do I dare say they are Archetypal?

When we look at process words like becoming,  presencing, allowing,
inviting, feeling, experiencing,  valuing, self-initiating,  reflecting,
collaborating, creating, including, quieting, cohering, trusting, loving,
oscillating, moving, intending, meaning-making, felt sensing, forming,
dissolving, acting, all acts of oscillating movement  towards
coherence/stillpoints (we feel or not), a moment of unmediated experiencing
or love,  an experience of no thingness,  no stuckness,  not this or that,
but wholeness. Such moments feel complete,  fulfilled, no effort, restful
like the pendulum still point before swinging back the other direction.

 Then we act again hopefully holding this awareness of this still point
alive in our felt sense memories,  and we take this sense into our lives to
create the experience again and again as often as possible again and
again,  sometimes into choas, then back towards order ever expanding our
capacities to self-know ourselves and others and outer realities, Radical
(root)  self- knowing -with each breath we act again towards new
becomings....  deeper and wider inclusions of realities,  greater and
greater simplicity, not towards homogenizing, but harmonization - greatest
asethetics - allowing for constant creation of novelty as needed - forming
societies as needed,  feeling one another empathically,  we communicate
simultaneously  like the jazz trio,  free to improvize by our self-law
(autonomy),  and being inspired to new possibilities by the relating of
forms/fields of others doing the same within the rich diversity of living
beings, all intrinsic experiences of rich diversity.

Well there I did my best with words.  THanks for this rich diversity.

*Skye Hirst, PhD*
President - The Autognomics Institute
*Conversations in Radical Self-Knowing*

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