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Congratulations. There is only one way to learn how to swim and that is to get into the water. Since you are working inside your own organization, be sure to get yourself enough space to keep the integrity of the process. My experience is that it could be more trying to keep challenge the givens from the inside than if you are an external facilitator. 
Good luck

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Dear all,
I'm new to this OS world. After my first, and unique, OS experience in Paris during last September (The Global Scrum Gathering) I came back home with the idea to adopt this kind of meeting in my company too.
On next March 31st my company's first Open Space meeting will take place and I'm going to be the facilitator. wow!
We'll be around 100 people and the theme is "how could we make our company a better place to work?"
If any of you have a suggestion to share with me, something that you would have been happy to receive before your first time as an OS facilitator, I think it would be really a gift for me.

thanks all
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