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Greg - I suspect we have a case of holacracy  and "Holacracy." The notion of
holacracy (small "h") has been around for a bit and has been discussed by
Ken Wilber and others as a description of the natural, emergent conditions
of an organic system, I might say self organizing system. The H was
capitalized when folks tried to formalize it and make it into an operational
approach to organizations - which is something we do. Zappos and others have
essentially mandated its introduction - which seems to me to be the total
antithesis of what I thought holarchy was all about. So I do believe that in
Open Space we encounter a Holacratic environment... power, decision making,
authority is distributed all over, albeit at any given moment it may be
centralized in a given person, but only for a moment. That is not what I
hear happening at Zappos. I am sure the folks think it is all wonderful, but
I do think they are working much too hard creating a system that can emerge
all by itself. Otherwise known as organizing a self organizing system.  






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