[OSList] Open Space - 2013 and Beyond

Artur Silva arturfsilva at yahoo.com
Thu Jan 31 16:18:48 PST 2013

Thanks, Paul.

In fact, my comment to Paul's blog post at the OST group in the Facebook was as follows:

«This is a very interesting position (or healthy provocation) that I would like to see discussed more largely within the community interested. Unfortunately, neither the Facebook, nor the Blogs are good tools for dialogue. E-mail distribution lists or forums are much better. Oh, but if I remember well, there is a list for that, with archives since 1996 (http://lists.openspacetech.org/listinfo.cgi/oslist-openspacetech.org). I repeat a suggestion I made some time ago to Paul Levy: post this at the OSLIST. You may be surprised with the (open) results. Be prepared to it!»

I think his Blog post has material for an interesting dialogue.

Who wants to begin?



 From: paul levy <paul at cats3000.net>
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Subject: [OSList] Open Space - 2013 and Beyond

With thanks and respect to Artur Silva, who suggests the following blog post might engender some useful reflection and discussion, here it is:


Today, our breakfast table saw it's first budding daffodil. Spring arrives on the south coast of England.

Paul Levy
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