[OSList] Incorporating self-organized training/learning sessions into OST AND communicating OST to an uninitiated and distracted leadership

Lisa Heft lisaheft at openingspace.net
Thu Jan 24 09:19:00 PST 2013

Yes - you do understand what I am saying. And of course others on this  
list may have completely different ideas or recommendations than mine  
- that's the beauty of this diversely-experienced community.

I think the key to remember, no matter what process fits the task and  
objectives for a meeting - is that one meeting does not solve all  
things, and does not stand alone in the chain of things that support  
and shift organizational wellness and productivity. It is sort of like  
stepping stones or remembering moments or immune-system strengthening  
this dedicated time to work on a complex issue or task that is in the  
form of a meeting or retreat.

You may find that Open Space is the perfect thing for this meeting. Or  
in your continuing conversations with the client to further discuss  
and think about it all, you may find that another approach fits in a  
different way to support the work for this particular meeting. And it  
is worth this conversation you are having with us - and the  
conversations you have with your clients - to explore, and explore,  
and articulate back to each other, and explore some more - as part of  
what informs how, when, why and for what end you and your client are  
convening people for any kind of facilitated event.

Looking forward to hearing more,

On Jan 24, 2013, at 9:07 AM, Tricia Chirumbole wrote:

> wow! just a few, little thoughts!  :) thanks for taking the time Lisa.
> I think I understand what you are saying. I think.
> If I may reiterate: I think you are questioning the value/wisdom of  
> including the prompt to "explore ongoing methods for collaboration  
> and competency development" and the "action plans and next steps"  
> that would go with developing and implementing this. ....especially  
> if, as I identified, the group may not be ready/able to follow  
> through.
> Is that correct? ....if so, I think you are right.
> You are also totally right in terms of prep if hands on skill  
> transfer and collaboration will be the focus.
> Ok, this has been very helpful. I have some firmer thoughts and  
> better clarity on how to explore options with the leaders. And, yes,  
> it is possible that something other than OST may make more sense for  
> them right now...
> Thanks again!

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