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Harrison Owen hhowen at verizon.net
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Jaime -- I think I know those folks at FFI a little bit. We opened a lot of
space when they were first getting started -- so years ago.


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Dear Harrison,

What a wonderful surprise was to receive your message as the first reaction
from our list to my comments and request. Family and business mostly often
tend to raise troubled waters and this also true for bolivian companies.
Have my deepest thanks for your wise advise and guiding.

Now I am even more sure that OST and its four principles, The Law and the
recently added fifth one will make a significant contribution as that old
Simon & Garfunkel song "...when times get rough... when darkness comes and
pain is all around... I will lay me down like a bridge over troubled
water...". I think you should contact Family Firms Institute at www.ffi.org.

Thanks again, have a nice rest of sunday and a wonderful week

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