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Wow.. I Have missed the context if this story but it strums a string in a deep part of my belly. Like something verrrrrrrrrrrry special is going on here and I wish I was there

Onderweg verstuurd

On 11 jan. 2013, at 00:43, "Harrison Owen" <hhowen at verizon.net> wrote:

> You may remember that I described a new “client” – who was “venturing into Open Space.” Somewhat with trepidation. Anyhow, we are now at the end of Day 1. The details are totally foggy (that does happen to all of usJ) – but the feeling were clear. I summarized it all for our mutual friend Elwin as follows:
> “So as is usual --- everybody was blown away to the point of virtual silence. I did my customary “evaluation” (one word for today) – there were one or two “interestings” – but many more like “yum!” And a couple that were pure “animal sounds” – but positive. Sort of like a purr. For a group that couldn’t get together – “nobody will come!” --- we couldn’t get them out of the facility. Oh well. So one more time…
> Tomorrow I will let them in on a secret. They might think that what they experienced was aberrant, “acid” – or whatever.   But I will whisper, “Hey Folks, this is normal, what you should expect! However, if you want to go back and be miserable, Please be my guest.”
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