[OSList] Supporting the blind at an open space event

Harold Shinsato harold at shinsato.com
Fri Jan 18 21:12:24 PST 2013

Some friends in Missoula Montana are holding an open space event about 
digital accessibility March 9 this year. 

Looking over the records I found fewer posts about this than I expected. 
I saw posts about supporting 1 blind person, but they will have at least 
seven and I don't think they'll have enough volunteers to support one 
helper each. So they are thinking about some kind of ipad readers around 
the session postings.

How has the community here provided accessibility to the blind, 
especially for the schedule wall?

     Thanks in Advance!

Harold Shinsato
harold at shinsato.com <mailto:harold at shinsato.com>
twitter: @hajush <http://twitter.com/hajush>
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