[OSList] You are invited to come & experience our new online OST meeting environment!

Richard Schultz richard at wisdomways.net
Wed Jan 2 18:00:26 PST 2013

Happy New Year Everyone! 
It has been many, many years since I have participated on this list. It is
nice to be back and read the various discussions here and get informed about
what is going on in the OST world again.
There seems to be a lot of interest in taking OST into a online environment,
so please come out and experience the fully functional environment that
Eiwor Backelund and I have created. Eiwor and I started developing our
online OST environment last spring and have now done four very successful
OST meetings. Two of these were multi-day meetings and one meeting included
a convergence process.  It is now in a commercially viable state and we are
excited about its potential for global organizations.  The new website for
our offering is now live at www.collaborativeways.com
 You are invited to come and experience this online OST meeting environment
by joining any of our free trial 2.5 hour sessions(includes 2 breakout
times) on the following dates and with the following themes. The times for
these Collaborative Circle sessions are at 09:00 NA-MST 
*	January 9:  Online Collaboration - Thinking outside the box
*	February 13:  Online Conferences - low budget or efficient solutions
for smart organizations
*	March 13: Leading global network organizations - How is this
*	April 10: Inspired work, joy filled communication, genuine contact,
development and growth - in an online environment
You will find more details about the themes, times, how to participate and
register at the following links:
About Collaborative Circles:
Collaborative Circle schedule and Registration:   (use coupon code
"FreeCircle123" to attend free)

Our online OST meeting process includes:
*	Pre-meeting preparation and orientation to the online
environment(videos, connection testing and practice with the meeting tools)
*	Main meeting space with up to 100 people sitting around a circle,
and talking object for morning/evening news 
*	A live OST meeting facilitator to open the space and hold space in
the traditional style(Eiwor or Richard)
*	An agenda wall that is dynamically filled in by the group for
multiple breakout spaces and times
*	Breakout spaces
o	 Voice conversation, chat and whiteboards for drawing, and note
taking by the groups
o	Ability for everyone to write on the whiteboards for collective
brainstorming or note taking
o	Circle with talking object to manage conversations or through
"raising hands"
o	Everyone can "bumblebee" by putting moving themselves to different
breakout spaces or go to previous breakout times to view "Breaking News"
o	"Emocons" to express emotions felt... smiles, clapping etc. 
o	Butterfly Room for quiet reflection or side conversations
*	Pictures of attendees shown when they are speaking(if participant
has uploaded picture to profile)
*	Video for up to 6 simultaneous users is possible, but likely will
not be used much because of bandwidth issues 
*	Book of proceedings provided at the end.
*	For clients with the desire, we also provide asynchronous discussion
forums where meeting topics and Breaking News is posted for further
discussion and review off-line. (You will not experience this in the free
Collaborative Circles at this time.)
So if you have an interest in what we have done and the themes, please come
on out for the experience.  Feel free to also invite your friends or
Eiwor and I also have very collaborative values, so if there are ideas about
how we can collaborate or partner with you, we are open to that conversation
If you have any questions, please call or email me.
Hope you come and play with us!
Richard Schultz
richard at collaborativeways.com
WisdomWays www.wisdomways.net
CollaborativeWays www.collaborativeways.com

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