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Thinking how much fun it’s been Harrison, you  “baiting” us with your fish
story.  Seems we all had buckets of worms, a few poles, sinkers, tackles
and hooks.  Someone even threw a washing machine in there for the heck of
it.  The image of that is almost as good as a few martinis.

Suzanne, enjoying the serious and "playful" discussions a whole bunch

On Mon, Feb 27, 2012 at 4:26 PM, <imaginac at bigpond.net.au> wrote:

>  THIS is really swimming with the fish... check the stingrays near the
> end of this video review...****
> Cheers****
> David****
> ** **
> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yCXNQhY3SME&context=C371a783ADOEgsToPDskJbfTPUE6vN4mGZfeHCb1Dn
> ****
> ** **
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> Hi Ho
> Interesting thread when Harrison started fishing.
> Of course, you do not need to train to open space.  It is an experiential
> process.  It reminds me about the old Zen saying: "the zen that is talked
> about is not Zen."
> I wholeheartedly agree with Peggy when she says "most jumped right in and
> ran with the experience."  That is my experience, most people just get into
> the water and start swimming.  After all most everyone has a brain, a mouth
> that works and legs that move.  That's all you need to get into open space.
> Having said that, I still found being around people who have facilitated
> open space certainly widens and deepens my knowledge of the process.  And
> what better place to swim with the other fish than at WOSONOS.
> So, hope to see as many of you on the Listserve as possible with your
> swimming costumes (swim suits) on the diving board in London on 14
> October.  The water's warm and inviting.
> Just to sweeten the invitation we also are throwing in for the same low
> price the Olymics and Queen's Diamond Jubilee.
> Hugs
> Kerry
> Edinburgh****
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