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fischer florian florianfischer at ff-wey.com
Sun Feb 26 12:53:39 PST 2012

If open space works for itself, there cannot be more or less open  
space. Well, open space is breathing,
breathe in - break - breathe out - break. In the break there may be a  
lot of hesitation. We expect that open space fits with our idea of  
open space. But open space is independent. It is what it is. Sometimes  
it seems to be more, sometimes it seems to be less. But it is always  
open space. And if someone or I myself is missing openness it´s on her  
or him or on me open the mouth or the mind or the arm to change the  
situation (or to go fishing).
My two pence.

Florian Fischer
ff at begleitung-im-wandel.com
Münchener Straße 6
10779 Berlin
Fon (030) 2116752

Am 26.02.2012 um 20:39 schrieb Harrison Owen:

> Suzanne said –“I have also seen participants who shared that they  
> were at an Open Space event before and that it looked nothing like  
> the one they may have just experienced now.”
> The sad tale of OS that wasn’t. We’ve all heard it before, and  
> doubtless there are dozens more that we will never know about. And  
> it is too bad – but I sincerely doubt that there is a single thing  
> to be done about it, save making sure that whenever we open space  
> everybody gets the whole enchilada. No amount of training, pleading,  
> legislation, certification, authorizing, monitoring, mentoring –  
> will do a bloody bit of good, I think. Somebody is always going to  
> look for a “better” way – a little addition, an added technique, a  
> subtle control – whatever. And maybe they will find it, God love’em.  
> In the meantime, and with all charity I have to admit – I can’t be  
> bothered. At the end of the day Open Space is going to be just fine.  
> Not because we have protected it but simply because it works all by  
> itself, as it has for millennia.
> Gone Fishing…
> Harrison

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