[OSList] Final weeks before the Open Space on Open Space - March14-16

Cecilia Soriano csoriano2508 at yahoo.com.ar
Sat Feb 25 13:12:56 PST 2012

The best for you dear Lisa and for all participants of this magical meeting, OSonOS San Francisco 2012! 
Good harvest and prepare to be surprise!

Lo mejor para ti querida Lisa y para todos los participantes de este mágico encuentro, OSonOS San Francisco 2012!
Buena cosecha y prepárense para ser sorprendidos!

Un fuerte abrazo desde Argentina!
Con amor, 


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From: Lisa Heft 
Sent: Friday, February 24, 2012 9:11 PM
Subject: [OSList] Final weeks before the Open Space on Open Space - March14-16

Hi, folks - 

If you live in or can visit the San Francisco Bay Area and now see that there is time in your schedule to join us at the Open Space on Open Space, let me know.  I can quickly send you more info and registration materials and save a space for you.

You do not have to have yet facilitated Open Space - perhaps you have taken someone's workshop and have not yet been able to use it. I would just recommend that you would have learned about it from the facilitator perspective so we all have the same reference point for our conversations.
So maybe you want to come to jump back in, or refresh what you know, or tell your stories, or just hang with a group of really nutritious colleagues appreciating each other and talking about facilitation and Open Space.

Some stories I am hearing from the colleagues who are coming - any of this feel familiar to you?

If you want to hear some stories about...

  - facilitating for several Occupy movement communities
  - doing Open Space with a group of technology designers, linguists, anthropologists, behavioral research and communication scientists sharing ideas for designing some new thing the internet can do,
  - having a client add surprise presenters and presenters and presenters right when you are about to start the Open Space and eating up the most of the time for the Open Space
  - having the police threaten to shut down your event-in-progress
  - trying to talk potential clients out of Open Space because it wasn't the right tool / circumstances / time
  - having a client tell you they don't want 'this butterfly crap' / can't you drop that, take that picture down
  - observing the client's anxiety just before the Open Space - and your own moments of anxiety
  - getting your hands on some new tools to explore for documentation
  - noticing what invites and what is a barrier to access, inclusion and diversity in a meeting
  - our recent 'aha' moments...

... come join us to share and explore and play.  

The fabulous Kas Neteler will be facilitating.

Wednesday evening is a casual get-together. You can join us at the event even if you cannot come on Wednesday evening.
Thursday and Friday are all day in Open Space. If you can come for both days, great. If you can only come for one day, I recommend Thursday.

Remember that you can pay whatever you can afford - like all the events I host.
I will need your information and registration materials in advance to inform my final plans for design, food and materials.
So let me know.

I look forward to hearing from you,

Lisa Heft
Consultant, Facilitator, Educator
Fellow, Columbia University Center for International Conflict Resolution
Opening Space
lisaheft at openingspace.net

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