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Stanley Park spark.osk at gmail.com
Sat Feb 25 11:10:00 PST 2012

I love it!!!^^


2012. 2. 26. 오전 4:02에 "Lisa Heft" <lisaheft at openingspace.net>님이 작성:

> I am glad that my also announcing the upcoming event I am hosting does not
> break these nutrient-rich streams.
> You know how it is when you are hosting an event and want your fabulous
> colleagues to join you - and there are also many pre-work tasks.
> I am so happy that I can now step back into this marvelous conversation -
> and thank you Artur for inspiring it.
> Artur and Bernd I love what you say and Artur your recent post makes me
> think once again how strongly I feel that the facilitator should not be the
> 'catalyst' or 'interventionist' but more the 'nutritionist'.
> This includes both our roles before the event, during and afterwards - in
> a way that supports others' capacity - but there is a nuance here - a
> continuum between overly doing things that they can do (let us say in the
> pre-work or during the OSonOS) and adding things we think they 'need'
> during the OS (like our help, our helping them think, our intervention) ...
> and ... not being present at all.
> So as a facilitator (and I also teach but I see myself more as a learning
> facilitator in those moments) - I feel I definitely do have responsibility
> to support and act - it is the *way* I do so that either erases someone
> else's ability and capacity or gives focus to it.
> Like being as I call it a 'conscious non-interventionist' during the Open
> Space.
> Or offering reasons or lessons learned about invitation strategy to the
> client in the pre-work phase but not doing it for them or making those
> decisions for them.
> Like helping the client design how they will collect documentation in a
> way that will help them and their participants reflect and review
> post-OSonOS event.
> To me it is all more learner-centered / participant-centered /
> client-centered than facilitator-driven.
> Bernardo - you make me fondly miss Mozambique, where I facilitated over
> several years using Open Space and other participant-driven dialogue
> processes and then - as we all do in Open Space particularly - got out of
> the way to be amazed...
> Abraços
> Lisa
> On Feb 25, 2012, at 10:16 AM, Artur Silva wrote:
> Yes, Bernardo, you are right. Sometimes one must give the fish, teach to
> fish and also help learning how to learn.
> You are also right that this "to help to learnr" is indeed "to
> facilitate". I avoided the term because quite often - as HO mentioned -
> many people think (and do) "facilitate too much", disempowering the other
> and making more difficult for him to learn by himself.
> And your story in Mozambique (Beira) is marvelous.
> Abraço
> Artur
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