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Yohoo, dear collegue and neighbour (well, neighbour in relation to most
others, across Sweden is pretty neighboury)




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Tally-ho! Tally-Ho!!!

Yes I will! Yes I do

catch what’s thrown 

in the air!


Poetry! Set it free!

Hide and seek

you and me!


Hints of laughter

or despair

Hums of twilight,

tracks and flair


Hearts and tongues

and brains and lungs

- now let it out!


Let body’s beat 

sing indiscrete!

Come soulish tone!

Or foolish tone!


A playful plea

for dishful meal:

A smorgasbord

around our globe!


Imagine that!

Expand our now!

And brew your stew

of mads and glads,

of wit and fun,

and all that 


your proud and humble new Poet Laureate Agneta

Lisa Heft skrev 2012-02-21 02.04: 

I am pleased to announce the new OSLIST Poet Laureate... 

Agneta Setterwall !!!


As Poet Laureate she will be holding space on OSLIST for poetry about and
inspired by Open Space over the next six months.


Please join me in welcoming Agneta !


Below is her poem.

And below that is a little history of the OSLIST Restricted Form Poetry
Contest and a list of our past Poet Laureates. A deep bow to you all, and to
poetry - Lisa





An open space?

I hesitate


A call somewhere?

I hesitate


An open door?

I hesitate


And people too?!

I hesitate!


Supposed to speak?

I hesitate!!


Tell what I need...

I hesitate...


Tell what I want?

I hesitate!


And they all hear...

I doubt they do!


They will not care!

I´m sure, I´m sure...


And... there they come!

Oh my! They do!


And now we talk!

We do! We do!!!


...they listen too...

...and so do I...


...and what will come...?

Oh my! Oh my!!!



-- Agneta Setterwall (Uppsala, Sweden)





History of the OSLIST Restricted Form Poetry Contest


“For all those who might be curious, the OSLIST Biannual Restricted Form
Poetry Contest started in the spring of 2000 when I issued the challenge to
the list.  [The late great] Ralph Copleman actually began the whole thing
with a contest in the fall of 1999 (which I won) and so he is the “Poetry
King” for all time.  I just claimed the “Poet Laureate” title in an effort
to have some fun.  It was something of a one martini idea, and I was out of
gin at the time...” 


'Restricted form' means some described form or boundary for the poem - as in
this recent Poetry Contest where you were invited to create poems about or
inspired by Open Space and breathing, trusting the unknown, and emergence.




Our Past OSLIST Poet Laureates


Ralph Copleman 1999

Chris Corrigan 1999 

Chris Weaver 2000

Jeff Aitken 2000

Florian Fischer 2001

Laurel Doersam 2002

Audrey Coward 2002

Joelle Everett 2003

Florian Fischer 2003

Joelle Everett 2004

Lisa Heft 2006

Teresa Pokasony 2006

Karen Sella 2007

Jeff Aitken 2008

Anne Hiha 2008

Esther Ewing 2009

Chris Corrigan 2010

...and now... Agneta Setterwall 2012









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