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Rob van der Eyden robvandereyden at veranderarchitect.nl
Fri Feb 17 05:14:28 PST 2012

Hi all,


Bit slow reaction to this question:  do you know Synthetron? Check out
www.synthetron.com. I think this is a tool with a lot of possibilities.
Participants can join an on line discussion session, where they give their
own input and also react to input of others. Based on that shared views
(synthetrons) are defined by the group itself. 


In the Research center ‘Facilitating change and implementation dynamics’
from prof dr Thijs Homan out of the Open University in the Netherlands, we
also use Synthetron in combination with a tool to map informal networks and
face-to-face follow-up sessions.


Let me know if you want to know more.


And no, I do not have any commercial stake in this tool ;-)


Best regards, Rob      


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Hi Bui/OS-list

Sorry for late answer – been a little busy and forgot J

We pay 5000 USD for 10 licenses. There are some much more expensive ones
like when we checked Webex and also cheaper ones. But this is the best for
our needs. We made quite some research although things develop quickly

This is the most user friendly, has the tools we need, is possible to make
self managed for the user and also it has proven to be reliable – as long as
participants do their “homework” preparing and making sure they have the
software – and no firewalls blocking.

All the best



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Skickat: den 30 januari 2012 03:13
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Hi Thomas,

Looks like this software has just the right amount of options that I have
been looking. (Looks better than last time I checked it out). Unfortunately,
the website does not mention anything about pricing. How do you find the
pricing in comparison with other options?



On 29/01/2012 3:23 PM, Thomas Herrmann wrote: 

Hi David

A year or so ago we found a very good software for virtual meetings
Elluminate Live which now has been merged into Blackboard Collaborate which
we have also used for OST meetings online. I do not normally use video but
audio of course. The software also give you opportunities to use whiteboards
to draw a circle where people can write their names, use a talking stick and
have posters like the law and however many principles you like J


Then the software allows for breakout spaces where participants self manage
so they can use the law
 After having tried many different softwares this is
the one we like best. It is widely used within the Genuine Contact
community.  I mostly use it for meetings facilitated with Whole Person
Process Facilitation but have also used OST style.


For more info about the software see:


Feel very free to get in touch with me too, if you like to know more. I also
have a license to use the software, let me know if you are interested to
experiment a bit with it. I would recommend though, to first look through
the video tutorials which are excellent – even if you won’t need to use all
features presented.


Thomas Herrmann


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Hello All,


I am wondering if others could share experiences with virtual Open Space
events? I have a diverse group of somewhere between 20 and 100 people that I
would like to bring together in a virtual open space to address a somewhat
urgent and important issue. I have questions such as...


- How can you do a virtual open space?

- What's the same and different vs. a in-person open space?

- What considerations are important in selecting a technology platform?

- What are your tips and suggestions for what may work and what may hinder?


I'm anxious to hear about other's experiences and am appreciative of your




David Osborne

dosborne at change-fusion.com




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