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Hi Lisa,
Poem 1      4 virtual stickies
Poem 10	    1 virtual stiicky

Convenor of competition  16 virtual stickies


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On 17/02/2012, at 2:43 AM, Lisa Heft wrote:

Hello, dear colleagues -
The poetry has floated in - and now it is time to vote to see who our next OSLIST Poet Laureate will be.

These are all amazing poems. So you could have several favorites.

It is not as if one poem is 'better' than the others - feel the incredible imagery inspired by the words below and you will see we are graced by many riches.
However - think about which poem(s) most spark your spirit, passion, reflection and imaginings.

Here they are - without the poets' names for now.
Read them any way that works for you.

To me it would be hard to read them all in a line and taste each one separately. I am a visual person. So I might post each different poem on my wall to sit with them for a bit - to see each in its individual time. 

And now, I give you each 5 virtual sticky-dots.
You can select a poem which receives all of your dots - or 'spend' your 5 dots among several poems.

To vote - send me a direct email - lisaheft at openingspace.net - to let me know your vote - how many dots for which numbers.

I will gather your votes until the end of Sunday 19 February - whenever that is wherever in the world you live.

And on Monday we will welcome our next OSLIST Poet Laureate...

Here you go... 



An open space?
I hesitate

A call somewhere?
I hesitate

An open door?
I hesitate

And people too?!
I hesitate!

Supposed to speak?
I hesitate!!

Tell what I need...
I hesitate...

Tell what I want?
I hesitate!

And they all hear...
I doubt they do!

They will not care!
I´m sure, I´m sure...

And... there they come!
Oh my! They do!

And now we talk!
We do! We do!!!

...they listen too...
...and so do I...

...and what will come...?
Oh my! Oh my!!!



space, no longer a void
filled with passion 
and responsibility
in the golden centre
sits Fr Brian, smiling



breathe in – breathe out
breathe in – breathe out
breathe in – breathe out
breathe in – breathe out
breathe in – breathe out
breathe in – breathe out
breathe in – breathe out
breathe in – breathe out
breathe in – breathe out
breathe in – breathe out
breathe in – breathe out
breathe in – breathe out
breathe in – breathe out
breathe in – breathe out

Who ever is breathing
breathes in – breathes out.
Whatever is breathed
it is breathed in – breathed out.
Whenever I´m breathing
I breathe in –  I breathe out.
Wherever I´m breathing
I breathe in – I breathe out.
When I stop breathing its over, 
but its not over as long 
I breathe in – I breathe out. 
The turn between in and out 
tells me that we are all one
in breathing.

breathe in – breathe out
breathe in – breathe out
breathe in – breathe out



being one with life
with the snowy slopes
with the river that flows
through the mountain village
wider and wider

being a person alive
one among many
swimming and grasping desperately
a piece of wood to hold on to
tighter and tighter

witnessing and trusting 
whatever comes
the piece of wood as well as the river
a love story of presence
walking on but never leaving

between the out-breath and the in-breath
vastness of space conceiving a star
continuous breathing
the light of the unknown 
no beginning and no end



We’re in trouble
A promise not kept
Not the first time
The boss is desperate
They’ve come to me
Help! They say
14 countries meeting on the “dateline”
All expect major change
Here, read this…
I’m handed the “green book”
OST – User Guide
Make a pitch in the morning
I pitch it
They buy it
All assemble in the circle
On the dateline
A decade later
It is still referred to as
The Miracle at Madang!



Space Infinite
Space Complex
Space Simple
Space Elegant
Space Open
open space infinite complex simple elegant



From the heart:
and Serving
One process
One Circle
Not Two Is Peace




Space between the walls
Space between my eyes and this word
Space between the Sun and Earth, 
between the comets and the stars, space. 

Space between the roof and the floor
Space between the cell and its neighbor cells
Space between the electrons, and protons and neutrons, 
between you and me and us, space. 


Open the door to cross a threshold 
Open your eyes to let the light carrying these letters in 
Open your ears to let the vibrations talk to you
Open your mind to realize there’s only space
Open your heart to understand that space is a Gift. 

Open the Gift

Open the Gift to create, to express, to become. 
Open the Gift of losing yourself and finding ourselves. 
Open the Gift of letting the Universe express to ourselves. 
Open the Gift of becoming the paint of the Universe masterpiece... 
The Universe itself.



Whoever comes
will definitely meet
the law of two feet
and rules
that state
that she is right
and he is right
and place is right
and time is right
whoever comes



A breath
a gentle nod
and here we go
- I'm on my toes
but ease back

The circle is open
the wall is too
mind is numb
and so it is
a fraction - of a second

What do I love?
feel passion for
concern, or connection
- responsibility?
who am I?

Two feet
and a heart
and a pen
paper and a wall
and a hall, and some chairs
and above all
- my fellows, my friends
my teachers


Thank you for your votes, and thanks to the poets for this richness - Lisa

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