[OSList] Poetry contest

Elwin and Joan elwinandjoan at yahoo.com
Sun Feb 12 18:40:31 PST 2012

Dear God-

Ya got me!
and I love you for it!!



Here, Read This…


We’re in trouble

A promise not kept

Not the first time

The boss is desperate


They’ve come to me

Help! They say

14 countries meeting on the

All expect major change


Here, read this…

I’m handed the “green book”

OST – User Guide

Make a pitch in the morning


I pitch it

They buy it

All assemble in the circle

On the dateline


A decade later

It is still referred to as

The Miracle at Madang!




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Subject: [OSList] Poetry contest
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Date: Monday, February 13, 2012, 2:46 AM

Beautiful poetry is coming into my in-box for the Poetry Contest.
Remember you do not have to consider yourself a poet - simply breathe and feel how words may come together.

Somebody just asked me a question, and here is the answer:

Several people are sending me their poems directly without first showing them on the list.
Others are showing them on the list.
Either way works - If you want to keep it secret until I show everyone all the poetry that came in, send to me directly at lisaheft at openingspace.net



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