[OSList] Remembering Brian the best way I know how

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And many of you have copies of the short video I made at Marysville in
Melbourne featuring Brian open space for the OS on OS in OZ back in 2002.
Brings back fond memories!

Cheers to all




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Thanks Viv,

and yesterday Chris Corrigan posted a wonderful piece on facebook where we
could hear Brian's voice, it was marvellous!

love and thoughts



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4 feb 2012 kl. 07.47 skrev Viv McWaters:

Hi all

So on February 2 I find myself sitting in a circle in Kampala, Uganda,
with about 70 other people from a whole stack of countries. It just
seemed right on the 2nd anniversary of Brian's death to dedicate this
opening to him. I hope he enjoyed it :)



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