[OSList] Riddley, Devoted and Disgruntled and a talking stick for Wosonos2012!

Phelim McDermott phelim at mac.com
Wed Feb 29 12:39:30 PST 2012

Dear OSlist friends,

I'm back online after our trip home from NYC and checking into different conversations. 

First off to tell everyone where we are at personally. Thankyou everyone who sent such kind regards to us about our "open space' birth story in NYC it was so touching to get so many different responses. many of which i have still to follow up on and will do so soon I hope. Riddley meanwhile is doing well. WE managed to get his passport and got him back to the UK where he is currently adjusting. This adjustment was aided by us going straight into our big annual Devoted and Disgruntled three day open space. This was our seventh year and we had over three hundred participants over the three days and if you want to check out the buzz on twitter just search #dandd7 there's lots of links to nice photos too.

Riddley enjoyed being in open space however after walking the circle with him on me at the start and two days of intense baby hugging he couldn't quite cope with day three. 

Structurally just to let people know how we work it. Our monday is of course reopening the space for action. This day we had about fifty/sixty people still there as others returned to work around the country. Those who remained did some great work and it was a very touching community event. 

Interestingly what we now do is that our monthly evening three hour satellites support anything that emerges. So the follow on next week is used by anyone who still has work todo and over the three days anyone can approach us to make a proposal of a particular themed satellite OS that can happen. So this year ones that have been called for are about class, Community and conversation, and parenting and theatre. These satellites feed people back into the big event and support emergent action and discussion. 

Here's the blog 



Harrison you may be interested to know someone is doing their PHD dissertation on these open spaces and studying both the reports and the outcomes of the events over the seven years we have been going his mapping of the state of theater through these OS events on a global and personal level using the reports is very interesting.


And here are few online articles about the event in the Guardian newspaper.



What may be of interest to people here if you see the first article is how we created our invitation to the event which we aim to repeat for #wosonos2012. We basically crowd sourced personal invitations to come to D&D and some of the invites were really enjoyable in their diversity for the whole event. 

Here's the tumblr archive of invites. 

I like how varied the reasons for coming are I particuarly like Chris Goode's invite and the fact that some of the invites came from people who have never been before!

After this we were able to announce that our Devoted and Disgruntled open space 2012 Roadshow is off the ground and we will be able to connect up the conversations around the country in twenty different OS events which will tour the UK. 

Here's the announcement page! look out for when we are near you and join us!



Last off just to let you know that very excitingly we managed to meet up with the wonderful Karen Davies in New York and Dear Chile friends you will be happy to know we now have the beautiful talking stick which we got safely through "Homeland Security" by the magic of open space. 

Here's the picture of the handover!


So I am aware that a lot of people are itching to know what happens next with Wosonos2012 news and we will be sending a separate email to keep people posted. We are very excited that our sails are now set for October Wososnos2012 and we can join you all in making it a great event/ 

Lots of love and Excitement 



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