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Dr. Claudia Gross info at claudiagross.com
Sat Feb 18 22:52:27 PST 2012

Dear All!

Last week, Eslam Erman, Khalil El-Masry and me from Open Space Egypt have
held our 1st event for an e-publishing company in Amman/Jordan. The company
event was strongly inspired by the art of hosting approach: Have designed
the first day as a method mix integrating the Appreciative Inquiry
interview protocol, and a World Café tackling the SOAR questions from AI
(strengths, opportunities, aspirations and results) embedded in a variety
of exercises on cooperation and conflict resolution. The second day has
been an Open Space with a little dream/imagine AI warm-up session before
the Next Steps OS part.

The company event has been a huge success, the feedback we received from
the participants was wonder-ful:
They felt recharged with new energy, team spirit and the wish to realize
the issues and ideas discussed.

So as I have said in my New Year email in this listserv, it was just a
matter of time until we start facilitating in other countries of the
region. Haven't expected myself that it would happen that fast... Well,
let's see which one is next  ;-)

Wish you all a great Sunday and a good start in a terrific new week,

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