[OSList] large groups and brainstorming

Kerry Napuk knapuk at gmail.com
Mon Feb 6 00:43:57 PST 2012

Hi Barbara

We once met because my old chum from Berkeley, Mark Schechner, was teaching
James Joyce while you were at the University of Buffalo.

I wasn't slamming all brainstorming sessions, just conveying my impression
having sat in a few that were non productive and frustrating because,
unlike Open Space, participants were not driven by passion or

In our book for Gower, LARGE GROUP FACILITATORS' MANUAL (2003,) we describe
using, with Tony Bezan's permission, a Giant Mind Map with up to 60
participants.  In this process people create connected subjects and give
form to concepts which develop in real time like a tree growing branches.
After the submissions and placements are exhausted, we vote priorities
using sticky dots which give a sense of the important items which emerged
and can be developed in other processes.

Anyway, it beats any icebreaker!


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