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kerry napuk k at napuk.demon.co.uk
Tue Jun 10 04:25:54 PDT 2008

Dear Reinhard and Marianne

Sounds like your young HR manager is very anxious about the process and 
doesn't want to "hurt" his career by proposing something so counter to 
the Company's culture.  Is that right?

Well, if you make compromises and try to shape your work to his 
anxiety, you will end up with, what the British are fond of saying, "a 
dog's breakfast," that is, a poor outcome.

So, I would suggest, if time permits, you invite the young HR manager 
and his designated Board member to another OST event as participants.  
Let them experience the process for themselves which will directly 
diminish their (1) expectations and (2) nervousness.  There is no issue 
about people being "ready," because everyone is ready and waiting.

Let them understand that the process is an enabler, allowing management 
to tap into the collective experience and creativity of their people.  
As Franklin Roosevelt said about Pearl Harbor, "there is nothing to 
fear but fear itself."  You are dealing with people that not only are 
afraid but have expectations (probably negative and positive.)   In any 
event, your HR manager is clearly a control freak and will sabotage 
anything you try to do.

If you can't find an event for them to experience, why not arrange a 
lunch with some managers who have used Open Space and let them deal 
with the insecurity and control issues.  It is better if your sponsors 
attended an event, but some shared corporate experience might help.

Good luck and let us know what happens.

Open Futures

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