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Dear business friends and partners,


now Michael Pannwitz from Berlin showed me the way to send you the link:


VISUELLE PROTOKOLLE celebrates it's 10th anniversary, and we have some surprises for you. As a first highlight we offer a very special workshop:




                           THE MAGIC OF STORIES & IMAGES


                                          with Mary-Alice Arthur and Reinhard Kuchenmüller

                                                  October 25-27 2007 in Tuscany



Mary-Alice from New Zealand is an internationally renowned  story teller. Reinhard is a pathfinder of visualization in Europe. Both already worked together at the European Conference of IAF (International Association of Facilitators) 2006 in Stockholm Sweden. How they reconcile stories and images, we show you in the attached invitation. Since the number of participants is limited, you might sign up rather soon!


It is the time of harvesting the olives, and normally we have got splendid autumn weather. 



We invite you cordially. The link to the invitation is:  http://www.visuelle-protokolle.de/seminare/workshop.pdf <http://www.visuelle-protokolle.de/seminare/workshop.pdf> 



Reinhard Kuchenmüller                 and                Mary- Alice Arthur

Dr. Marianne Stifel


VISUELLE PROTOKOLLE                                     SOAR

Kuchenmüller & Stifel                                        New Zealand


Podere Civettaio, Fonte Lunga

58020 Gavorrano



fon +39-0566-88 929

mail at visuelle-protokolle.de





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