doing self-organization - OST "foundations"

Artur Silva arturfsilva at
Tue May 29 14:42:47 PDT 2007

Thanks for your question, Harrison. 
  That is a very interesting point indeed.
  The Law of two feet is one of the most marvelous "micro rules" of OST. Without it, people would not feel "invited" - they would probably stay in their groups even if they are not interested - or leave the space completely.
  Without the law there is no Open Space, I think.
  In what concerns the Principles, you probably recall that I have conducted some OST meetings without mentioning the principles at all, and it worked fine.
  So, for me the Principles are not a micro rule (essential to create OST) but one of the many marvelous things that happen in Open Space. They are one of the things that emerge from the micro-rules. A consequence of OST - not a foundation of OST.
  Would you agree with my heresy?
  PS: From your other comment I assume that you have missed the heresies in the list ;-)

Harrison Owen <hhowen at> wrote:

    Artur - great to see you here! I could ask where you have been hiding, =
but I
am afraid you might tell me. :-)

I'm curious why do you include the Law of Two Feet under the heading of
"micro-rule," but not the Four Principles? 

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