doing self-organization

Joelle Lyons Everett JLEShelton at
Sat May 26 22:20:07 PDT 2007


Sounds like you and your daughter are a great team!

I loved your story about thinking "self organization, self organization."   
Some months back, I opened space at an evening meeting of a professional 
organization, the meeting time expanded a bit to allow for two time slots for 

As the time for the second conversation came near, the sponsor came up to me 
and quietly said, "are you going to tell people to go to their second groups?"

"No," replied, "barring disaster, I'm not going to do anything.   But you can 
go to your group when you like."   Ten minutes later, everyone had changed 
groups, and the conversations were livelier than ever.

At the end of the meeting, as we were folding up the flip charts, the sponsor 
observed, "This really works, doesn't it?"   Self organization . . .

According to Harrison, it has been working for quite a long time!

Joelle Everett
Shelton, Washington, USA    

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