OST with Armed Forces

Jaime Pedreros jpedrerosf at gmail.com
Tue May 15 08:59:04 PDT 2007

Dear Harrison, Jon, Carla, Christine , Kerry, and Peggy!

Have my special thanks for your valuable cooperation and the enriching
experiences you all shared. My main concern was about "the days after OS".
In our culture, as it probably happens in other parts of the world, if a
boss or supervisor in a vertical and highly authoritative working
environment treats her/his subordinated as comrades, respect and "fear" tend
to vanish and this is, at least for the time being, undesirable. For
instance, the top executive's comment about the organizational culture was
"… everyone here knows very clearly that the one who does not work in the
proper way shall be fired" :-o With high rates of unemployment in Bolivia,
most of us (even me, as an independent self-employed consultant) take good
care of our job position. I will address the program to better
communications, teambuilding and acceptance of responsibilities as a way to
grow inside the organization. The last day I will try a closing circle in
order to raise work commitments for the near future. Be sure I will keep you
well informed.

Thanks again, you are wonderful people; keep my warmest regards


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