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Dear Park,

W o w, thank you very much for your passion and your great offer, and please send best greetings to your fellow Open Space colleagues in Korea. I agree, that further language editions are important for the future. As soon as we are ready for creating single language editions I will let you know.  Please be a bit patient with us :) We are just in the process of finishing our long work and huge investment on version 2.0. We want to take a breath and we want to honour this step and celebrate it :). Good is also, that Version 2.0 will be an excellent basis for further extentions of the system. And until we will have included unicode (next development step for allowing almost all world languages), the software can be still used around the globe in Albanian, Danish, German, English, French, Finnish, Galicia, Erse, Icelandic, Italian, Catalan, Dutch, Norwegian, Portuguese, Swedish and Spanish (unfortunately not Korean) - the only thing to do for users from other countries is to choose one of the 16 different language-settings at her/his computer/keyboard a few moments before the start of the online meeting.

And regarding prizes .. if you go to our "do-it-yourself" Online Booking Area at (see below navigation *Prizes & Booking* and then go to *Single Conferences on Demand*) you can choose individual conference settings (variant, duration and group size) and then you will see the conference prize and the prize per participant immediately. Even after launching edition 2.0 the costs for single-conferences will be the same. If you have further detailed questions please email me: gabriela.ender at I will be happy to support you.

Thank you again and have a great weekend!

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  From: Stanley Park 
  Sent: Wednesday, May 02, 2007 11:36 AM
  Subject: Re: OpenSpace-Online / languages / update

  Dear Gabriela,

  Your words and sensitivity have also impressed me. 

  I really wish Open Spacers aound the world including myself move on to applying wikipedia-vos/os combination to maximize online and offline synergy from hightened awareness, focus yet allowing diversity to tackle innocent human sufferings such as hunger, warfare, terror, global warming,.. 

  Going strong in virtual reality games, younger generations (teens, 20s, early 30s) of (South) Korea seems to be one of the fastest movers to the world of virtual reality. And that's the reason why I am so keenly intersted in localization of VOS for those generations.

  My feelowopen spacers here would be willing to help your team in creating Korean user interface, user guide, and online help as much as possible, so please let us know when you are ready. 

  I would trust that the software has adopted uicode system to allow searchability across language barriers. Can users enter Korean characters for report generation and also perform search in Korean?

  If Korean language is not supported yet, how are you going to proceed with your friend and supppters?

  The fact is I haven't tried VOS yet, I just trust my fellow open spacer, you and your team, and that it would be more than fantastic! ^^ Anyhow, I'd like to try VOS please let me know your license conditions for trying v. 1.0 and v. 2.0 (in USD or Euro) for different audiences.

  Love and Peace,


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  Subject: OpenSpace-Online / languages / update

  Dear Park, I am deeply touched by your words on many reasons.

  You have described so beautifully the vision I had in 1999. Yes, it was an unbelievable thrilling momentum, as I saw so clearly how the software (bouquet of ingredients, structure, process and quality criteria) has to be realized and how important a virtually-led Real-Time OpenSpace-Online Meeting Tool will become one day for so many organizations, interest groups and change facilitators around the globe. Thank you very much for your warm words - this is doing good to my soul :) Especially because my small team and I were so busy with developing the second software edition during the last two years. Very soon the hard and long work on the new software will be completed. I look very much forward to share more about this achievement soon.

  I am also touched by the timing of your question, because this summer or latest this fall I want to start together with wonderful friends and supporters a special OpenSpace-Online Initiative. With this project we want to include also financial sponsors (for the very first time). The initiative will have to do also with the middle-term goal to enable the use of our English software (version 2.0) with almost all world languages and with the additional goal to create completely translated software versions for many other languages later. I have this dream since so many years, therefore our software was and is developed in a way that it will allow such technical upgrading. Until then, the software can be used (like it was during the last 5 years) around the globe by just choosing one of 16 different computer language-settings. As soon as the initiative will have a good first basis to start I will be very happy to share more information with all of you. I trust, that many people and financial supporters will love this initiative.

  Park, thank you so much for sharing your dreams! I deeply appreciate your great idea and passion. I have put your name and your country with much joy on our "friends and supporters list". I wish you much joy and success in holding space for Open Space in Korea and beyond!

  Love & Peace from Berlin,

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    From: Stanley Park 
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    Subject: Re: One year after launching OpenSpace-Online / sharing an update

    Hi Gabriela,

    I am an Open Spacer in Korea, the only country divided into North and South 

    I trust that your Virtual Open Space software will evolve into a planetary 
    jewel that would save humankind from many formidable dillemmas, challenges, 
    and disasters such as global warming, hunger, terror, and so on by helping 
    people of many, many organizations open their space of understanding and 

    I'd like thank you for crafting the inspirational masterpiece and I'd like 
    to discuss with you on localizing the interface of VOS for Korean audience.

    I'd like to know things involved to pursue this idea.

    So thrilling it is just to imagine a time where people of the world 
    discussing and planning actions using VOS as the tool that facilitate 
    realization of the dream. 

    I want to be the first one who makes VOS available in local language 
    (Aisian languages)to proliferate use of the tool.

    I would be looking forward to receiving your reply and also like to spark 
    off dialogs on this matter.

    As virtual space will be becoming rutine experience, VOS will become more 
    and more important, so is the need for local language VOS.

    Looking forward to hearing from you and others who feel passion and 

    Love and Peace,


    On Fri, 30 May 2003 16:41:50 +0200, Gabriela Ender 
    <gabriela.ender at> wrote:

    >Dear Open Space Colleagues,
    >perhaps some of you remember the announcement regarding the launch of our 
    real-time open space conference software one year ago. Time goes so fast. 
    Today I want share with all of you, who are interested in this development, 
    some updates. 
    >--> At our first anniversary, a few days ago, we received a wonderful 
    birthday present. We got informed that our company was selected by a jury 
    to be "Gr?Partner" (Founder-Partner) for PARTNER for BERLIN. During an 
    entrepreneur party at the fair "Deutsche Gr? und Unternehmertage" (German 
    founders and entrepreneur days) we were welcomed as one of nine new founder 
    partners. The award included a two years free membership in a network of 
    about 120 very big national and international companies, including special 
    kinds of support. Partner for Berlin is working together with the Berliner 
    Senat in a so-called "public private partnership". They are responsible for 
    the Capital Marketing of Berlin. The network-partners are interested in a 
    future-oriented development of Berlin. This organization supports Berlin in 
    the fields of economy, science, culture and sports. Partner for Berlin 
    looked for young companies existing at least for one year. They had to be 
    innovative, technology oriented and already successfully positioned on the 
    market. (See "Photo and more >>>" on our homepage http://www.OpenSpace-
    >--> In the meanwhile hundreds of people participated in OpenSpace-Online 
    Conferences, and our website counter shows 83.000 pageviews
    >--> Almost 90% of our international customers do not know about OST, but 
    become through the use curious about the roots of OpenSpace-Online / that 
    is for us every time a wonderful effect
    >--> User groups are e.g. schools, universities, consultants, free lancers, 
    small and large companies and organizations, networks, virtual teams, 
    >--> The kinds of use are also very different: combination with e-learning 
    courses, as pre-meeting or follow-ups of f2f-conferences, ongoing teamwork, 
    integrated in the intranet (knowledge management work), blended change 
    processes, public online-conferences (national and international)
    >--> And of course a wide range of goals and issues: to promote 
    integration, motivation, learning, and commitment, to improve internal and 
    external communication, to react to current questions and save travel 
    costs, to establish proactive and participative communication, to improve 
    the goal and results oriented work of teams, to carry out completely new 
    customer commitment measures, to operate multifaceted stakeholder 
    management, to find a good mixture between asynchronous and synchronous on-
    line collaboration
    >--> Students of two different universities have to write a semester work 
    in the present, and to make a presentation about OpenSpace-Online,
    >--> During the last year several people asked us about an open 
    cooperation. Therefore we are in the beginning of creating an international 
    Win-Win-Partner-Program (if you are interested ... please email to 
    ender at
    >That are some present insights for you. I feel, that this is just a 
    beginning. We are still a very small team, struggeling on one hand with too 
    little resources, but on the other hand we are very happy, that we started 
    this adventure.
    >Love and Peace from a hot and sunny Berlin!
    >Here a brief reminder regarding our invitation to the International 
    OpenSpace-Online? Real-time Conference June,13th 2003: 
    >- Global Crises & Global Transition - What are our Issues and 
    Opportunities in a challenging Worldwide Change Process? 
    >Registration-Deadline: June, 5th /  Information & Registration: 
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