doing self-organization - OST "foundations"

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Tue May 29 05:38:15 PDT 2007

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  Interesting threat.
  I also believe that self-organization, in its relation with complex adaptive systems, is fundamental to OST.  
  In voluntary emergent Systems there are normally micro rules that allow for self organization to emerge at a macro level.
  So this thread can be a good way to look for those micro rules.
  When we ask "Why does OST works?" there are a lot of micro rules that are "imposed" in OST “by design”. 
  I would also agree that "invitation" is one of those.
  Bur there are others that are so evident that we don't think about them anymore when we refer to OST.
  Like diversity (the invitation being sent to all the interested stakeholders).
  Like the circle in all types of sessions (allowing for equality and for conections/relationships, etc)
  The posting of themes (people are again invited, but not forced)
  The break out session procedures.
  The law of two feet.
  What I would not consider as "foundations of OST" (when we think at a micro level) are the so called principles. If they exist at all, I think they are a macro effect of what I am calling the foundations.
  They occur (as many other astonishing things) when some very easy and simple micro rules are followed. May I call this micro rules the real foundations of OST?

Peggy Holman <peggy at> wrote:

  Such a rich discussion!

I want to introduce a couple themes that stand out for me as we continue to 
form the notions that describes self-organization in social systems.

For me, the practice of opening space brings consciousness to the 
self-organization that is evolution at work.  (...)
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