greetings from 15th WOSonOS organizing team!

Yana Demenko yana at
Tue May 29 04:36:54 PDT 2007

Dear friends!

a bit tired
happy organizing team :)
is pleased to announce that 15th WOSonOS is over!

Within few hours our marvelous facilitator =) Jo Toepfer will leave  
Ukraine and everything what happened during the last year will become  
a part of history for us.

You will get brief summary about this Worldwide Open Space on Open  
Space by the end of this week, but now I would like to thank all of  
you, who trusted and supported us.

Special thanks we would like to send to:

Jo Toepfer - for the excellent facilitation
GURT International training group - for financial and logistic support
Harrison Owen - for the great technology :)
Michael M Pannwitz - for his couching and help
Lisa Heft - for being Access Queen

And all 50 participants who shared with us those fabulous days!!!

We put the photos on Flickr for those of you who wants to feel the  
spirit of this event =)
You will find them at

Hope to see you all in Ukraine! Greeting from sunny and hot Kyiv!

On behalf of Ukrainian host team,

Yana Demenko

[e-mail] yana at
[post] 4B, Kyiv-1, 01001, Ukraine
[skype] yana_demenko

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