WOSonOS 2008 in San Fransisco California USA

Thomas Herrmann thomas at openspaceconsulting.com
Mon May 28 00:05:45 PDT 2007

Dear friends in Open Space

Still here in Kiev I promised to send some conclusions from the last session
of WOSonOS – can´t connect to Internet here (without paying) so I just hope
it fits to the story shared by Andrew.


Greetings from Ukraine. There sure was one irresistible offer made for the
2008 WOSonOS! In fact the people who joined for the circle to work on the
decisions on future WOSonOS’s almost made the decision before the offer was
made. But after some persuasion they agreed on experiencing the “fantastic”
show from the marvelous production manager (living a bit closer to
Hollywood) Lisa Heft.


So WOSonOS 2008 will take place in San Francisco! 


One proposal was made for 2009 – Taiwan made an offer to host WOSonOS–
forwarded by Andrew Ballance from UK. The group concluded that they strongly
support the offer made.


There was a quite lengthy discussion regarding the change towards making
decision two years ahead of time instead of one. There were both pros and
cons raised – from keeping it as simple as possible to allowing more time
for planning travel/preparation (in a follow up session in a bar towards
midnight the issue of obtaining visas was also raised). The conclusion was
made that this is not the right time to make that decision – one reason
being that this should have been made clear so that others could have
prepared and presented their offers for 2009.


So the circle of participants showed their strong support towards Taiwan
hosting WOSonOS 2009 but wanted the actual decision to be made next year, in
SF. The group also wished that giving some more advance notice – such as now
– would make a decision to have a 2 year leadtime easier on the next


For all those who want to host future WOSonOS’s we heard a rumor that there
is a video produced called “How to present an irresistable WOSonOS-offer”
around somewhere...


Thomas really thinks that the stand in-Access Queen Eva P made great work,
of course together with the generous participants - 105 dollars and 45 EUROS
were raised for the fund which helps people access these marvelous events.


... and we´ve had SUCH A GREAT TIME in Kiev – great city, great hospitality,
lovely meetings and wonderful people. Many many more stories to share....
now we´re heading for another tour.


With love, from our hotel lobby

Thomas and Eva


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