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Thu May 24 08:41:53 PDT 2007

Michael, Harrison, Joelle, Andrew, Pat, Raffi, and all--

(Sorry for the previous posting--somehow hit the send key before I was done.)

Would you be interested in entertaining a couple of musing questions?

If (some people in command and control mode might still use the word
"if") there is such a thing as self organizing, what would be its

        This seems to be to be a fruitful inquiry, and it goes beyond
        our usual important, complex, diverse, conflict, immediacy list.
        For me it perhaps overlaps but is not precisely the same as
        Harrison's list of 8 essentials. 

                For instance, is invitation necessary for self
                organizing? What level of freedom? What order of
                equality of the participants? Are there physical
                conditions? Or is it just two or more gathering?

Closely related: What is the difference between trying to control what a
group does and inviting? (Harrison, you hinted at this in a post today
when you say "I believe that there is an infinitely better possibility
through which we may discover deep ways to realize our full potential as
human beings, as well as doing something very useful and good in the
world.") Is it simply a matter of degree, or is the difference

                For instance, when Birgitt writes of “givens,” or I help
                someone write the theme for their invitation, we are
                consciously directing the attention of the participants
                to something we want to examine or change. So for
                instance, we are inviting people to make positive change
                in the area of X, or to explore the issues and
                opportunities of X, and this necessarily takes their
                attention off Y, Z, Q and J.

				:- Doug.

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