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Thomas Herrmann thomas at
Wed May 2 08:51:43 PDT 2007

Dear friends in Open Space

I have been invited to facilitate an OST meeting as part of a large 1,5 day
national conference. About 1000 participants.who will be able to choose
different workshops for the major part and have some gatherings together
too. The sponsor wants to have an OST-meeting for 4 hours the afternoon of
the first day as one option to other workshop kind of stuff – and there is a
possibility to use another hour and fifteen minutes the following morning –
before the whole group meets again for the rest of that day.


Of course it sounds interesting to get some more time but I am not sure how
to design this. Of course we will have some pre-planning but I am already
starting to think about possibilities to use that extra time. Any ideas??

Warm regards


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