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Mon Jun 21 20:45:34 PDT 2004


Thanks for sharing that bit.   Great reminder of an old principle.

An old friend at the CPSI (Creative Problem Solving Institute) used something
similar to write his several books.   He had a large pegboard in his office
that had big manila envelopes attached to hooks, like you might find in
someone's woodworking or tool shop.   On the outside of the envelope was the
subject/title and whenever he had an idea or inspiration, he'd write it down and stuff
it into the appropriate envelope.   When it got "fat enough", he knew he had
a book.   He'd take it down, organize the disparate notes, and write the book.

A program I led inside a company for many years used business-card sized
"Idea Traps" and passed them out to the foremen and hourly workers by the
thousands.   It was part of an effort to improve productivity and reduce costs.
Worked quite well.   Many projects saving literally millions of dollars in the
aggregate grew out of those cards.

Paul Everett

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