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Fr Brian S Bainbridge wrote:

> They were also at pains to have us promise "not to tell any of the
> pakeha that they thought this" because they feared (rightly or wrongly)
> they would not then be tolerated if "they" knew such opinions were being
> aired.  That, in itself, was a huge message to us who opened the space
> and worked with with two other NZ facilitators on the program.
> It is a message that has stayed with me ever since - the need to really
> be open and, as HHO says, live open.
That is interesting.  My friends in Nelson are actually planning to use
OST to run some open community events around the Treaty of Waitaingi Day
next year.  It's an effort to change the nature of the relationship
between people from one of confrontation and closing (very prevalent in
today's polictical climate in New Zealand) to one which opens and
embodies the Spirit of a Treaty.

Their preparations have been started on the OSW.net wiki:


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