First open space! & question RE supplies

Chris Corrigan chris at
Mon Jun 21 11:14:33 PDT 2004

Barry Owen wrote:

>My practice is to keep my Black Bag (Ballistic Nylon - Looks like a Pilot's flight bag) stocked with the following:
>- 4 dozen colored, non-permanent markers (I buy a new dozen after each event and toss it in the bag)
>- 4 rolls of blue painter's tape
>- A copy of the OST User's guide
>- A "Brick" of multi colored Post-its (Buy a new brick every 2-3 events)
>- My Tibetan bells

That describes my bag as well Barry.

>And finally . . . I don't always have my bag when the opportunity for opening space arises . . . so I use a pen and note-book paper :-)
In my briefcase I always carry some markers, a small roll of tape and
pad of post it notes.  People think you are a *real* facilitator if you
produce a roll of tape right when it is needed and in a pinch, post it
notes always seem to have a use!  :-)

>Happy Father's Day to all Fathers :-)
And thanks for sharing yours with all of us!


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