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Fri Jun 18 06:58:13 PDT 2004

Hi everybody,

I am also looking forward to the OSonOS in Goa. For those of you who want
to have extra experience, there is another event in Goa, just prior to the

The Change Management Toolbook offers a 2 day training event on Change
Management Principles, on September 24-25, 2004, in the same hotel.

In our two days workshop you will get an overview on the following schools
of thought that have influenced the discussion on Change Management so far:

- Learning Organizations (E. Schein, P. Senge, and others)
- Systems Thinking and Chaos Theory - Systemic Family Therapy
- Neurolinguistic Programming
- Gestalt Therapy
- Theme Centred Interaction
- Transactional Analysis
- Communication Theory (P. Watzlawick and others)
- Whole System Change: Open Space Technology, Future Search Conferences and
Appreciative Inquiry

You will acquire some basic tools with which you can start to explore the
wide field of Change Management and you will be enabled to select your
personal path for further development of your capacities as a Change
Management facilitator. We will help you to identify other resources in
Asia and beyond where you can study specific tools and schools of Change

Trainers: Rebecca Szeto and Holger Nauheimer

To register, please go to


Best regards,
Holger Nauheimer

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