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Marei Kiele MareiKiele at
Tue Jun 15 01:29:00 PDT 2004

"Alexander Kjerulf" <alexander at> wrote:
> The audio book is very nearly there. 

Alexander - this sounds wonderful!

Lucas made some very interesting suggestions some days ago only to the group of readers. I tried to answer but the mail always bounced back - I guess my answer wanted to be posted to the whole list ;-) That's what I do now:

"Lucas Gonzalez" <lgs0a at> wrote:
> Aproaching the final product, what else do we need?  What can we dream
> of?  What's the final product going to look like?  Is it going to be
> distributed as a CD, downloadable from an ftp/html site, or what? 
> Depending on this, we'd need:
> - a written introduction
> - some pictures of chairs and circles and so on
> - a link-to-us logo
> - a tibet bell
> - a cacophony.mp3 with our voices blended in a fun 20-second file :)

Dear Lucas,

all your suggestions sound great, I like esp. the cacophony.mp3 !
But thinking to translate this into action - I realize my energy is used up after the reading and re-reading and re-re-reading. Maybe it's the same with other readers?

Why not open the space up again and invite others from the os-list?


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