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 From my travels to New Zealand in March came a small Maori OST practice
group in Nelson, at the top of the south island.  A couple of friends
there are working on a Maori translation for the OSW.org site, and as a
start my friend Kiley Nepia has coined a Maori translation for "Open
Space Technology" along with a proverb.  Kiley writes:

"I have made up a translation of the word open space technology which is TE PUNA ATEA KORERO.  PUNA is like a pond or pool, fountain eg puna matuaranga fountain of knowledge. ATEA means space and comes from the concept of marae atea which is the forecourt in front of the meeting place this is where discussion takes place. Korero means to speak have dialogue etc te puna atea korero is a pool which gives people unlimited space and movement to come together to discuss things. The other reason I choose the word Puna is that it suggests that's it is fluid and not rigid.  The whakatauki or proverb I offer is
"where there is a fountain people will gather. where people gather they will talk and greet things will happen"

Cool eh?

The marae is the community lands on which the Maori meeting hous is located.  Marae protocol is very formal, but a great deal happens on the forecourt of the meeting house, gatherings that resemble Open Space meetings in many ways.  When I was there, this is what people most often referred to when talking about the parallels betwen OST meetings and Maori hui (meetings).



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