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Hello, dear Colleagues -

[..and thank you for sharing the announcements and resources below with
others in your networks and communities.]

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New Contact Information
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First, as many of you already know have launched a new website, and with
that comes an email address change.  If you have not noted this already,
please update your records to replace my older email address with the

lisaheft at openingspace.net     and     http://www.openingspace.net

For you OSLISTers, feel free to 'poke around' the website to find
resources for OST facilitators and enthusiasts (under "Open Space
Technology" then "The Method"), papers on facilitation and other
subjects, photos and anything that may be of service to you - feel free
to print, share, take a little piece of and use for your work; however
it may best serve you.  You will also see that more and more folks are
generously offering to translate papers on this site and as you do I
will add those language translations to 'the mix' for us all to share.

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Workshops to Share Learning About and In Open Space
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I will be offering workshops on Open Space Technology twice this year in
San Francisco, California, USA:

August 11-13   and December 8-10

This 2.5 day workshop is open to people of all levels of experience,
from those new to the method or to convening groups - to those who want
to share their experiences using Open Space and expand their learning.
You will experience an Open Space plus share some rich learning about
all the things you will want to know to convene your own Open Space
event - from design and logistics, planning and preparation to
invitation, theme, variations and talking with clients-hosts-sponsors.

Prices for the workshop are very flexible - several levels of pricing
are recommended, however if you cannot afford those you can pay whatever
you can.  Money should never get in the way of learning and everyone is
welcome.  To receive a registration and information form send me an
email at lisaheft at openingspace.net <mailto:lisaheft at openingsapce.net>
-- to see a little more information about the content of this workshop

If you have not yet experienced Open Space, it is a method used around
the world for convening fully participatory conferences, retreats and
work meetings.  It is also used to help people in high conflict
communicate, and indeed, it is used for true peace work.  Open Space is
a method where one person can convene from 5 to over 2000 people for
participatory decision-making, interdisciplinary task work and
understanding each other across differences.  In Open Space, teams,
entire organizations, communities, and fusions of different groups work
together more quickly; go deeper; break through to new thinking;
appreciate each other in new ways.  It's a method you can teach
yourself; workshops are also offered.

To read an article describing this process:

To see photos of typical Open Space events:
71&p=Practice_of_Peace> &p=Practice_of_Peace

To read more about the method and for further resources for facilitators
and enthusiasts of Open Space:

I look forward to sharing and learning with you at an upcoming workshop
- please contact me if you have any questions.

- - - - -

I will be away facilitating at the International AIDS Conference in
Bangkok, Thailand from July 7 through the 20th - during that time I may
or may not be able to access email but if not, I look forward to reading
your messages upon my return.

Take care,



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