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kerry napuk k at
Thu Jun 24 01:10:10 PDT 2004


Over the last two days, we facilitated an event with 102 mental
health users from all parts of Scotland.  In two rounds of issues and
actions on finding a collective voice during day one, they convened
30 sessions with 90 actions.  On day two on making their voice heard,
service users created 14 project teams, including plans to form a new
national organisation.  The opening circle was pulsating with energy
and set the scene for a very memorable event.

There were many stories of personal courage, participants who came to
Dundee having not left their houses in more than two years and not
having been away overnight or on a train alone for more years than
they could recall.

Even though participants were all users of mental health services and
were coping with various medical illnesses, they stuck into the work
with great gusto and humour.  It was a magnificent conference of
individual learning and sharing, as well as collective consciousness.


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